France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   What to Wear in Paris & France
What should a visitor wear in Paris, world capital of fashion?
Whatever you like...within reason.




Fashionable informality is the rule for most travelers in Paris.

You can wear whatever you want, but you will feel much more at home if you dress carefully, whatever the style.

Have at least one dress-up outfit for nightlife (theater, ballet, orchestra, nightclub) and for that splurge in a more expensive restaurant.

Most of the time, though, smart casual clothing is what's wanted. That's what most Parisians at leisure will be wearing.


In summer the city can be hot and humid, so you'll want light cottons for summer days, but a sweater or jacket at night.

Most Parisians will not wear shorts and T-shirts in the city; many tourist will. (To the French, shorts and T-shirts are "country & beach" wear.)

Spring & Autumn

In spring and autumn (April-June and late September through October) have a sweater and jacket or topcoat, and an umbrella.

Scarves are currently in in Paris, especially during these seasons.


In winter, depending on the region, the weather can be quite cold, wet and chilly, without much sunshine, so you'll want woolens and raingear.


Note that laundry fees in hotels can be higher than the value of the clothes washed, so you'll probably want to use a laverie libre-service (self-service laundromat/ laundrette).

Here's a list of convenient laundromats/ laundrettes in Paris, and how to use them.

Laundry in Paris

Electricity in France

Internet Access in France

Travel Details

Paris Airport Transportation

Finding Your Way in Paris

Shopping in Paris


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Breton matelot shirt, Paris, France

The Breton marinière shirt, a French classic (sometimes called a matelot),
with the fashionable scarf...


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