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Wireless Internet connections are widely available in France, usually for a fee, and there are some free Wifi connections in surprising places, such as Paris parks, but there may be hassles as well. Consider a Virtual Private Network...






Your hotel in France will undoubtedly offer Wifi Internet connections, usually from your guest room as well as from the public rooms. Generally, the most expensive hotels make you pay for Wifi, the moderate and budget hotels do not.

Hotel Wifi in France can be more complicated than in some other countries. In any hotel, connecting may require the reception desk to give you a sheet of paper with registration information and a cryptic login code. You may have to login by hand every time you connect.

In our experience, hotel Wifi has usually required minor hassles, but eventually it works...mostly.

Use a Virtual Private Network!

Your Wifi Internet connection can easily be hacked in many places when you are traveling. You should seriously consider using a Virtual Private Network for your travel Internet connections. I do. More...

Cafés & Restaurants

Many cafés and light-meal restaurants offer Wifi. Ask a waiter for the mot de passe (password) or code when you order.

Public Parks

In Paris, some public parks may have free Wifi access points, though in my experience thery rarely work, and watch out for data theft—consider using a Virtual Private Network. More...

Trains, Stations & Airports

Otherwise, in transport termini (train stations, airports, ship and ferry docks, etc.) you may have to register with an Internet service provider as a Roaming customer, and pay a fee for your connection. Major airports may have some free Wifi, at the price of giving your email address and afterwards receiving lots of spam messages.

Although the SNCF touts its Wifi as available on trains, we have not found it reliable or, sometimes, not available at all.

Internet Service Providers

The three main Internet service providers (ISPs) in France (including wireless/Wifi) are:

Bouygues Télécom

The online service of France Telecomm.


Virtual Private Networks

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It probably offers Wifi—ask for the mot de Passe or the code.

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