France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   What to See in Carcassonne, France
Without a doubt, your main goal in Carcassonne is La Cité, the fortress on the hill.




Carcassonne is famous for its hill-top fortress, visible as you approach the cite from its commanding location. Known as La Cité, this medieval city is a wonderful place to explore.

Carcassonne, France

Plan to spend at least a half-day in La Cité. You may well spend more time. The Château Comtal, the citadel and former noble residence within the walled town, has enough interest to keep you for an hour or two all by itself. More...

Numerous car parking lots surround the fortress-town at different altitudes. The farther you are from the walls, and the lower down, the less expensive the parking charge will be.

Here's a page on castle and fortress architecture to help you appreciate La Cité.

After visiting La Cité, walk downhill and across the Pont Vieux, the historic stone bridge that crosses the River Aude to La Bastide, the 14th-century street-grid walled city on level ground. La Bastide is the commercial center and also home to the train station and a lock on the Canal du Midi. You can have a snack or meal at Place Carnot, in the center. More...

There are few places where you can visit such a stunning and authentic medieval fortress. Carcassone has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Carcassonne is only 96 kilometers (60 miles) southeast of the city of Toulouse, just over an hour's drive; and 60 kilometers (37 miles) west of Narbonne. It's also on the Canal du Midi, the famous waterway that dates from the 1600s.

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Carcassonne, Pont Vieux, France

Above, View of the Pont Vieux, Carcassonne.

, La Cité is illuminated at night—what a spectacle!


La Cité at night, Carcassonne, France

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