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Carcassonne is well-served by trains to the Gare de Carcassonne, 1 avenue de Maréchal Joffre, north of La Bastide (map).

It's 2 km (1-1/4 miles), a walk of less than 30 minutes, from the gare to La Cité, but keep in mind that as you approach La Cité, you will be walking up the hill on which the fortress-town sits.

Driving into Carcassonne, follow signs for Centre-Ville if you don't see signs for La Cité.

The train station is right on the Canal du Midi. You can also take excursions on the Canal from here.

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Towers of Carcassonne, France

Above, Towers of La Cité, the Carcassonne fortress.

Below, The train station (Gare) of Carcassonne.


Gare de Carcassonne, France

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