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Dramatic cliffs and gorgeous sea views define Étretat, a fine, unhurried Belle Époque Normandy seaside resort.




Étretat is a charming small seaside village just 18 kilometers (11 miles) southwest of Fécamp and 28 kilometers (17 miles) north of Le Havre (map) on France's Normandy coast.

It is best known for its dramatic falaises, or cliffs. The Falaise Amont is to the north of the town, and the Falaise Aval is on the southern side. Both are accessible by foot from the beach area. The Falaise Amont is also accessible by car. More...

Etretat, France
Above, View of town of Étretat and the Falaise Aval.

Étretat is a small town (population about 1500), with some old buidings and interesting architecture, and gorgeous vistas from the falaises.

It's long been popular with writers and artists, in part because of the drama of the sea and the cliffs.

  Aviator monument, Étretat, Normandy, France

Aviator Monument...

Author Guy de Maupassant spent part of his childhood here (and gave his name to one of the major roads in town).

The writer Maurice Leblanc, creator of the "gentleman burgler" Arsène Lupin, also lived here.

On the cliffs above the town, a dramatic monument commemorates two pioneering French aviators who attempted a non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927 which, sadly, ended in their loss at sea. More...

A fashionable resort, Étretat has a number of hotels and restaurants, but it's fairly quiet (though it does have a casino). Its beach, like many in the area, is shingle, or pebble. While offering lovely views, it is a bit difficult to walk on comfortably!

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Etretat, France

Above, The Falaise Aval and the Aiguille Creuse (Hollow Needle).

Below, Monument to aviators Nungesser and Coli.

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