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Étretat has the full assortment of eating places: sandwiches from a boulanger, beachfront pizza and pasta, and Normandy seafood in a refined atmosphere.




Étretat restaurants in the town center are mostly suited to beach-holiday hunger: pizza, pasta, light meals and traiteur (French delicatessen) snacks and light meals for picnics.

Try Le Romain d'Étretat, 1 rue Georges Bureau, for these dishes, and Lann-Bihoue, 45 rue Note-Dame, for crêpes.

For a finer dinner, look for Le Bistretatais, 17 rue Adolphe Boissaye, where fresh seafood is a specialty.

For a special occasion, try the family-run restaurant named Le Bicorne, 5 boulevard du President Rene Coty.

Some of Étretat's hotels and inns are also relais gastronomique (known for their fine dining). For example, the Hôtel Saint Claire - Le Donjon is fine for dining as well as for lodging. More...

For us, the best bargain in picnic fare is at a boulanger-patissier (bakery-pastry shop), where fresh-cut sandwiches, quiches, and of course those delicious French pastries are sold to take away.

Artist at work, Étretat, Normandy, France
...Painting suggestions of what to do with pastries...

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Patissier, Étretat, Normandy, France

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