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Étretat is famous for the dramatic views from the cliffs surrounding the town.

Old building in Étretat, Normandy France

Old wooden building in




The village of Étretat is charming, a Belle Époque gem of a Normandy seaside resort town.

The Town

  Flint stone wall in Étretat, Normandy, France

Flintstone wall...

The architecture of Étretat ranges from the medieval and Renaissance to the Belle Époque (1871-1914) and beyond. Many of the buildings are solidly built of hard local flint. One might say these are glass houses, but the glass is very, very heavy and durable....

Étretat has always been popular with artists and writers, and this heritage is reflected in the street names, which include Guy de Maupassant and Offenbach.

If you like detective stories, you might want to check out the Clos Arsène Lupin, on the Rue Guy de Maupassant. Arsène Lupin is the "gentleman burgler" in the many novels by Maurice Leblanc. Leblanc, who lived from 1864 to 1941, was a contemporary of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Arsène Lupin is considered to be to the French what Sherlock Holmes is to the English. The Clos was Leblanc's home.

By the way, you can even spend the night in the Detective Hotel, each guest room themed to a famous fictional detective and his best-known case. More...

Les Falaises (Cliffs)

The real drama in Étretat comes from its setting, hemmed in by dramatic cliffs, the Falaise Amont to the north and the Falaise Aval to the south.

The views are spectacular, and the falaises are wonderful places for a walk. More...

Etretat falaise, France
Above, Falaise Aval, Étretat. Those are people on top!

On top of the Falaise Amont, you can also see the monument to aviators Nungesser and Coli, who were attempting a trans-Atlantic flight when their plane disappeared in 1927. More...

La Plage

The beach, though lovely, is shingle, or pebble. Walking on it can be challenging, but it's a nice spot for a picnic and enjoying the views.

Shingle beach, Étretat, Normandy, France
Shingle beach with Falaise Aval in the distance...

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Halles, Etretat, France

Above, Beautiful entrance of the Halles, or covered market, Étretat. It bears a tribute plaque to British and American troops who fought to liberate the town in the World Wars.

Below, Climbing from the town up to the Falaise Amont.


Falaise Amont, Etretat, France

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