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Paris's bridges are not just a way to cross the Seine. They are special places with their own character, activities and contribution to the soul of Paris.




Paris's bridges are a special part of the city.

Far from being just crossing-places over the Seine, they play an important role in the city's daily life.

Yes, vehicular traffic crosses some of them, but more walkers, strollers and runners. Street musicians play on them, magicians perform on them, beggars solicit help on them. Lovers hide beneath them.

The dispossessed shelter beneath them at night. Tourists use them to get a better view of the city and the river, and photographers use them for better camera angles.

Anyone on a Seine cruise boat sees their importance and grandeur at once.

We'll bring you descriptions and character studies of the bridges of Paris, starting now with the Pont Neuf ("New Bridge"), ironically one of the oldest bridges in Paris, which leads to the wonderful little park called the Square du Vert-Galant; and the Pont de 'Archevêché, the perfect place for a kiss and a photo of Notre-Dame.

We'll also look at the Pont des Arts, a charming footbridge that was subject to thousands of so-called "Love Locks. Learn how you can help stop this. More...

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Pont Alexandre III, Paris, France

Above, Pont Alexandre III (1900).

Below, Pont des Arts. From a distance it looks lovely, but it's covered in "love locks." Sign the petition to stop this!

Pont des Arts, Paris

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