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Want to explore how movies and TV are made? Here's Disney's look at cinema.




Walt Disney Studios Park is just next door to Disneyland Park. Each park requires an admission ticket, but combination tickets make it practical to do both.

The Studios use rides, shows, and demonstrations to illustrate the process of making movies and TV shows.

As Disneyland Park has its "lands," the Studios have their studio "lots."

The Lots

The Front Lot is Disney Studio 1, where there's always a film being made and you and your family are among the props and on the sound stage.

The Back Lot tram tour takes you behind the scenes to see special effects ranging from fires to earthquakes to torrential rain. You'll also see a lot of planes, cars, and other props from actual movies.

The Production Courtyard shows you props, sets, and costumes and gives you a peek at studio life.

And of course the Toon Studio focuses on animation, a hallmark of Disney studios.


Throughout the park there are rides for all ages and all courage levels, from the Slinky Dog Zig Zag for the little ones to the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, where your elevator will plunge you 13 stories down—after giving you the chance to look out over the park and realize how high you are!

Toy Story Playland

Toy Story Playland allows young kids to play on giant legos and other toys, while kids (and willing adults) can try the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop.

When you want to sit and watch rather than ride or walk, go to one of the theaters, such as cinémagique, where "the magic of movies comes to life before your eyes."

And when you've seen enough of the Studios, it's easy to wander over to Disneyland Park or Disney Village.

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Tower of Terror, Disney Studios, Paris

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Twilight Zone Tower of Terror!

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 Special effects on the Back Lot Tram Tour.  
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