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Shopping? Restaurants? Entertainment? Disney Village has it all.




Adjacent to Walt Disney Studios and just across the plaza from Disneyland Park, Disney Village doesn't have rides, but it has everything else.

Themed restaurants provide food, and some offer opportunities to interact with Disney characters. Bars allow adults to relax in the evening. A variety of shows will appeal to kids and adults, and there's also a cinema and an IMAX theater.

But perhaps the biggest part of Disney Village is shopping. The large World of Disney, right as you enter, says it provides "A Unique Shopping Experience." Statues of Minnie and Mickey greet you at the door, and there are plenty of mouse souvenirs and much more inside.

Mickey and Minnie, Disneyland, Paris

Smaller shops throughout the Village provide other shopping opportunities.

You can reach several of the Disney hotels by walking through Disney Village. Three of them are clustered around a small lake, which also has a tethered hot air balloon for panoramic views.

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Entrance to Disney Village, Paris, France

Entrance to Disney Village.

World of Disney, Disneyland Paris

World of Disney, "Unique Shopping Experience.  
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