Paris Travel Planner   Market Meals in Paris, France
Markets are where the food is, so why not eat there?




Parisian markets usually have restaurants in or near them, and eating in a market is among the more memorable Parisian culinary experiences.

Every arrondissement in Paris is required to have street markets at least two days a week, and besides these ephemeral markets, Paris has several established market buildings, all of which have eateries.

Dining in a market is more than just eating food at its source. You have the whole market atmosphere of wonderful French cuisine all around you.

And not just French cuisine. Some markets also draw on France's colonial history to add cuisines from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

Note that there are places to eat in all of these sorts of markets:

Open-air street markets, several days of each week

Market streets lined with permanent food shops

Covered market buildings

Paris Restaurants

Paris Cafés





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Restaurants near the market in Versailles, France

Restaurants near the wonderful market in Versailles.

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