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This small street and the surrounding ones are crammed with cafés and restaurants.




The Rue de Buci is a short and lively street in the 5th arrondissement, near the Place St-Michel and not far from the Boulevard St-Germain, that is lined with restaurants and cafés. It also It is a wonderful spot for people watching, having a drink, and/or enjoying a meal. Attracting both French people and tourists, the area is usually busy and interesting.

Places like the Café Le Conti or the Relais Odéon Bistro always seem to be full, with people enjoying a meal and watching the passing spectacle. Meals are reasonably priced and there's ample variety.

Rue de Buci also has quite a few sandwich shops, traiteurs (prepared foods), and other shops where you can buy snacks and drinks.

It's very close (in fact runs into) the Rue St-André des Arts, which also has quite a few restaurant options. Not far away are the Boulevard St-Germain, with its historic and modern cafés, and the Place St-Michel area, with its many inexpensive restaurants that offer a variety of ethnic foods.

Rue de Buci also has a number of market stands where you can buy fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and picnic fare. It's a colorful scene that's always lively (except perhaps on Sunday morning early...) and a great place for reasonable meals and café sitting.

Relais Odéon on rue de Buci, Paris, France
Relais Odéon on the Rue de Buci.

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Café Conti, Paris

Above, busy Le Conti Café,
on the Rue de Buci, Paris.


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