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Just off of the Place St-Michel, this small street is lively and offers lots of options for eating.




The Rue St-André des Arts is just off of the Place St-Michel. Although technically in the 6th arrondissement (bordering the 5th and Boulevard St-Michel), it has the feel of the Latin Quarter.

Facing the Fountain in the Place St-Michel, look to your right. You'll generally see a line of people at the small crêpe and sandwich stand at the corner of Rue St-André des Arts. Walk along the street and you'll have a choice of sandwiches, Lebanese food, French food, and even an Irish pub. Although technically not a pedestrian street, few cars brave the crowds and you can easily stroll along.

The Cour du Commerce de St-André is a cobblestoned pedestrian passageway full of restaurants. Here you can sit outside (weather permitting) in a quiet setting with no cars and enjoy dinner or a drink. The food tends toward traditional French dishes and menus might include Boeuf Bourgignon (beef stew in burgundy sauce) or Cuisses de Grenouille (frog's legs).

You can access the Cour du Commerce just across the street from the Hôtel St-André des Arts. On the other end you'll emerge on the Boulevard Saint-Germain, near the Odéon Métro station and a large statue of Danton (Danton was an important figure in the Revolution, though he eventually was sent to the guillotine in the Reign of Terror).

One of the restaurants in the Cour du Commerce is Le Procope, founded in 1686 and claiming to be the oldest restaurant in Paris. (You can also enter from the Rue de l'Ancienne Comédie.)

Diners in the Cour St-André, Paris
Outdoor dining in the quiet Cour du Commerce
on a warm evening.

If you skip the Cour du Commerce and continue on the Rue Saint-André des Arts, you'll soon find yourself at the Carrefour de Buci, a busy intersection. Market stands and a lot more restaurants are to be found in the area of the Rue de Buci.

Rue St-André des Arts is also just the other side of the Place St-Michel from the many and varied inexpensive on the Rue de la Huchette and other small streets.

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Beautiful arched entryway of the Cour St-André, Paris

Above, Beautiful arched entryway of the Cour du Commerce St-André, Paris.

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