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The Marché St-Germain and the few blocks around St-Sulpice Church are packed with great restaurants.




The Marché Saint-Germain, a historic market, today offers an upscale covered market for food and high-end boutiques. It is also the center of a great restaurant scene.

On warm evenings crowds fill the restaurants and the streets in the area, enjoying a variety of excellent eateries including Coté Bergamote, known for its use of fresh herbs, Lou Pescadou, with its Provençal heritage, and the Bistrot de la Grille Saint-Germain, a lively spot for delicious and plentiful dinners.

In general this area is characterized by small bistros that offer a variety of French food. Many of the restaurants reflect the origins of their owners. Le Bon St-Porçain features food and wine from the Auvergne, in central France. Comme à Savonnières 37510 Indre-et-Loire announces its location (central France, near the Loire Valley) in its name and has a milepost out front indicating that it's 258 kilometers away.

Profiterolles, Paris, France
Delicious profiterolles (cream puffs with ice cream, chocolate, and whipped cream, at Comme à Savonnières, Paris.

Because of its proximity to the market, this area has always had a lot of excellent restaurants. You'll find a range of prices and types of French food if you wander around the Marché St-Germain area.

If you want more international/ethnic cuisine, try the areas around St-Michel or St-André des Arts. Or walk to the Boulevard St-Germain and its historic cafés. And if crêpes are calling to you, head instead to the Rue du Montparnasse.

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Marché St-Germain, Paris

Above, The Marché St-Germain, in the center of the Marché St-Germain—St-Sulpice restaurant area.

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