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Taxis from Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport are expensive for one person, cheaper for three persons, but there are alternatives: private transfers, fast RER trains, several airport buses....





The advantages of taking a private transfer or a taxi from Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport into central Paris are obvious: you load yourself and your luggage (up to three passengers) into a taxi at the airport, sit back, relax, and let the driver take you directly to your hotel or rental apartment.

Fares are known in advance: you reserve your private transfer and pay online. Taxis work on flat fares from CDG to central Paris. More...

If you have a lot of luggage, you want to avoid the possibility of having to haul it up and down stairways you may encounter in RER train and Métro stations.


Private transfers and taxis are the most expensive option for single travelers and couples, though with three travelers together they offer good value for money, and with 5+ travelers they offer the best value. (But note: a single taxi cantake only up to three passengers; a private transfer van can take more.)

Depending on traffic, a private transfer or taxi ride might take longer than the RER train, and for a single traveler might take as long as a much cheaper airport bus (though an airport bus does not take you directly to your destination).

Book Your Taxi in Advance!

The safest and best way to go by taxi is to book your taxi in advance (for up to three passengers). You'll know the price, and where to meet your driver, in advance, and you'll go straight to your hotel. More...

Avoid Unauthorized Taxis!

If you do not reserve your taxi in advance and want to find one at the airport, do not respond to anyone in the terminal who asks if you would like taxi service, even if they "look official." Instead, follow the signs to the authorized taxi stand and take one of the authorized taxis there.


Whether or not to use a taxi depends to some extent how close your destination is to an RER Line B train station, Métro station, or airport bus stop: if close to a station, you might save time—and will certainly save a lot of money—by taking the train and Métro, or an airport bus.

If your destination is a long walk from an RER Line B train or Métro station, or from the RoissyBus stops, you may have to switch to a taxi in central Paris.

Although this short in-the-city taxi ride will cost much less than the 25-km ride from the airport, you will still have to pay the minimum fare, and it's a hassle to change vehicles.

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