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Comfortable, efficient service which can be cost-effective for two or three passengers. Private transfer services provide an even higher standard of service.

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Important! Use only authorized Paris taxis! Ignore anyone who asks you "Do you want/need a taxi?" Use a taxi app, search for the taxi stand yourself, or ask an official for directions. Assure that the car has a TAXI sign on the roof and a taxi meter inside. Unlicensed, unauthorized "taxis" may be costly and/or dangerous. More...

Besides taxis, Paris (and France) offers VTC (Vehicle de Tourisme avec chauffeur) which is the term for non-taxi app ridehail cars such as Uber, Heetch, Bolt, and Free-Now.

Paris Taxis

The flag drop rate (pickup rate) for a Paris taxi in central Paris in the daytime is 2.60€, plus 1.09, per kilometer. Fares are somewhat higher to/from the Paris suburbs. The minimum fare is 7.10€. The fare per hour is 33.48. to 35.99 per hour, depending on the day of the week and the time of day. Highest fares are from 12 midnight to 07:00 am.

Here's more information on Paris taxi fares from G7, a large Paris taxi company which offers a smartphone app for your convenience. More....

The average fare for a 15- to 18-minute, 4- to 5-km (2.5- to 3-mile) trip—say, from the Arc de Triomphe to the Musée du Louvre (map), 10% tip included, is probably 12€ to 15€ for one to three persons. (Three passengers is the normal taxi capacity, although the driver may allow four passengers if s/he wishes.)

Fares are higher outside of daylight hours, with more passengers, with more luggage, etc. You can find estimated fares here.

You'll pay supplements from taxi ranks at train stations, for luggage, and for transporting a fifth person, if the driver agrees to do so and the car has the capacity. The fare may rise if traffic is heavy and progress slow, or if the driver follows a roundabout route to avoid heavy traffic.

Tipping is not essential, although 10% is appreciated.

Flat Fares from CDG & ORY Airports

The Paris city government has mandated flat fares for taxi trips from Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) and Orly Airport (ORY) to central Paris. The flat fares are the same 24 hours a day:

Taxi to the Right Bank

—53€ from CDG, 37€ from Orly to the Right Bank (north of the Seine: Arc de Triomphe, Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Place de la Concorde, Musée du Louvre, etc.)(map)

Taxi to the Left Bank

—58€ from CDG, 32€ from Orly to the Left Bank (south of the Seine: Latin Quarter, Sorbonne, Eiffel Tower, Jardin du Luxembourg, Montparnasse, etc.)(map)

Additional Charges

4€ to reserve a taxi for immediate departure

7€ to reserve a taxi for a future date & time

4€ for the 5th and each additional passenger (if the vehicle has the capacity)

Note: the driver starts the meter upon receiving your summons, and any distance covered from where the taxi is to where you are is included in the fare. So if you call for a taxi, and it receives the call while at Terminal 1, but you are at Terminal 2, the meter begins at Terminal 1, not upon pick-up at Terminal 2.

Reserve a Taxi

You can reserve a taxi here.

Uber & Other VTCs

Non-taxi app-ridehail cars are known as VTC (Vehicle de Tourisme avec chauffeur) in France.

Uber app-ridehail service is available in Paris (but Lyft does not yet operate in France). Heetch, Bolt, and Free-Now are alternative app ridehail companies.

Fares are comparable to taxi fares, although airport taxi fares are fixed and Uber/VTC fares vary by destination. Also, licensed Paris taxis are allowed to use the special bus lanes (Uber/VTC drivers are not), so a taxi may get you to your destination faster, and the cost is comparable, or may even be less. More...

Marcel is the app-ridehail service of RATP, the Paris municipal transportation service. It operates much like Uber or other VTCs, though mostly in French. Claims are that its drivers are carefully selected, many of the vehicles are hybrid or electric, and any pollution from rides is offset. More...

Private Transfer Services

Transfer services are best for trips to and from airports, train stations, and Disneyland Paris, but can be used for almost any trip.

A private transfer is just for you and your traveling party. A shared transfer picks up a small number of different passengers and distributes them to their destinations. Shared transfers take longer, but are substantially cheaper than a private transfer.

With a private or shared transfer, you order your ride online, arrange for payment, get in the car and go. You know what the fare will be—no taxi meter to watch and worry about. You know in advance what standard of car or van you will travel in. And you have easy recourse if there's a problem: you contact the transfer company directly.

For some journeys, private transfer services may be more expensive than taxis, but the level of service is higher as well.

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