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The fastest, cheapest way between Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport and the center of Paris is by RER B suburban train, then by Métro, bus or taxi to your hotel.  

Paris RATP RER-B Train Route Map


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You can take the RER Line B suburban train from Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport to central Paris in as little as 35 minutes for 10.30€. (You can also use it to return to the airport, but read this important note.)

CDG Airport has two train stations, Aérogare 1 and Aérogare 2. (Note that these are not the same as Terminals 1 and 2!)

Aérogare 2

Aérogare 2, the terminus of the RER B line, is the main train station at CDG Airport, serving both RER Line B suburban trains to Paris, and SNCF TGV and Intercité trains to all parts of France and to neighboring European countries.

Aérogare 2 is located between Terminals 2C and 2E in the gigantic CDG Terminal 2. If you follow signs in Terminal 2 for Paris par train (Paris by train), or Trains, or Transports, they will lead you to Aérogare 2. Signs pointing to Gare or Gare SNCF also point you toward Aérogare 2.

Aérogare 1 - Roissypôle

Aérogare 1, south (ie, toward Paris) from Aérogare 2, is next to the Roissypôle office complex and airport hotel area, and the Roissy Gare Routière (bus terminal). Aérogare 1 is a 5-minute walk from CDG Terminal 3.

These train stations, and CDG Airport's Terminals 1, 2 and 3, are connected by the CDGVal Airport Shuttle, a small, free automatic tram that also serves several airport parking lots and the Pullman Paris CDG Airport Hotel. More...

CDGVal Sign, CDG Airport, Paris, France
CDGVal sign showing the stops.
Voie means track or platform.

The Paris par train signs throughout the airport may lead you to the CDGVal, which then takes you to Aérogare 2.

Here's how to buy your ticket and choose your train at Aérogare 2.

(You can also buy your ticket and enter the RER system at Aérogare 1, but most travelers will use Aérogare 2.)

RER Line B to Orly Airport

The RER Line B also extends south of central Paris to the Antony station, from which you can take the OrlyVal shuttle train direct to the terminals at Orly Airport in six minutes. More...

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Paris par train sign, CDG Airport, Paris, France

Above, follow this sign to reach Aérogare 2.

Below, Aérogare 2 RER train station.

Aerogare 2, CDG Airport, Paris, France
RER B tracks (voies) 11 & 12
at Aérogare 2: all trains from
these platforms go to Paris

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