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La Rochelle is the major transport nexus for flights, national & regional trains and buses, but other cities are imortant to the picture as well.






Although not officially a part of Poitou-Charentes, the transport hub of Angoulême is important because it serves fast TGV trains from Paris that connect with the TER regional train line westward to Cognac, Saintes and Royan. Buses & trams in the city of Angoulême are operated by the Société de Transport du Grand Angoulême (STGA). More....


Cognac is off the flight and TGV transport networks, but easily reached via TER regional trains from La Rochelle, Niort or Angoulême, and Les Mouettes regional intercity buses. More...

Île d'Oléron

Public transport to Île d'Oléron goes through La Rochelle and Rochefort, then by Les Muettes regional bus to and around the island. More...


Go first to La Rochelle by flight, train, bus or bike, and then it's easy to go to Île-de-Ré by bus, shuttle bus, bike, boat, or on foot right from the airport, train station or city center. More...

La Rochelle

A transport hub for the Poitou-Charentes area, La Rochelle has the major airport, station for fast trains, and regional bus network, and is right next to the long bridge to Île-de-Ré (map). The city public transport network (buses, boats, shared bicycles & cars) is called Yélo. More...

Poitiers & Vienne

Transport in the département of Vienne is organized by Lignes en Vienne. In its capital of Poitiers, buses and trams are operated by Vitalis. More...


Flights and fast trains serve nearby cities, then you finish your journey to Rochefort by regional train or bus. City buses are operated by rbus. More...


The major airport is at La Rochelle, which also receives fast TGV trains, but the Gare de Saintes SNCF serves Intercité and TER regional trains, and is on the Les Mouettes regional bus network. Within Saintes, city buses are operated by Buss. More...

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Gare de La Rochelle SNCF, La Rochelle, France

Gare de La Rochelle SNCF, a transport hub
for the Poitou-Charentes region.





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