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From Roman ruins to modern art, there's lots to see in Arles.




Arles is a charming small city in southern Provence. In addition to its own fascinating things to see and do, Arles also serves as a gateway to the Camargue, the vast alleuvial plain known for its wild horses, flamingos, and beautiful sea coast. More...

You can easily walk through the central parts of Arles and see the major sites. Start with the Roman sites, including the huge amphitheater, the adjacent theater, the remains of the forum, and the baths. More...

The site of Les Alyscamps, to the south of the center of town, was originally a Roman necropolis and later became a Christian burial place. Today its park-like ambience, with many poplar trees, makes it a pleasant place to walk...among the sarcophagi.

You will also want to visit the impressive Église St-Trophime, on the Place de la République. This Romanesque church is known for its portal and cloister. More...

Arles has long been associated with art and with artists such as Vincent Van Gogh. You can see sites that he painted. In addition, Arles has a number of interesting museumswith collections ranging from ancient to modern art. More...

Arles is located on the Rhône River, and it's pleasant to stroll along the river and admire the boats and the bridges, including the Pont des Lions.

And on Wednesdays and Saturdays, be sure to enjoy the Provençal market in Arles, where you'll find a wonderful variety of food and other items.

As you wander in Arles, keep an eye out for the signs in the pavement indicating "Arles Antique" or "Arles Renaissance et Classique" to guide you to different parts of the city.

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Ancient Theater, Arles, France

Above, Antique Theater, Arles, France.

Below, Église St-Trophime, Arles.


St-Trophime, Arles, France

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