France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   Église St-Trophime, Arles, France
A beautiful romanesque church built on an ancient site.




The Église St-Trophime, named for Saint Trophimus of Arles, the first Bishop of Arles (3rd century).

The church dates from the 12th century and is Romanesque in design, though it was built on the site of earlier churches and ancient temples. Its single tower is visible throughout Arles.

It is best known for its beautiful carved portal, showing the last judgment.

Portal, St-Trophime, Arles, France

On the left side (below) are the chosen going to heaven, while the right side shows the condemned headed the other way.

Detail, St Trophime, Arles, France

The adjacent Cloisters of St-Trophime are also known for their beautiful sculpture and design. Their graceful columns and shady pathways make them a lovely spot for a peaceful break from sight seeing.

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Tower of St-Trophime, Arles, France

Above, Tower of St-Trophime, Arles.

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