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Paris is not expensive if you're smart about how you use your money and get full value for it.




Paris has a reputation for being expensive for visitors, but here's the good news:

Paris is not any more expensive than most major cities—and cheaper than some—if you know how to buy wisely.

Let's look at your principal travel expenses:


Hotel rooms in the center of major cities are expensive, and Paris is no exception, but taxes and service charges are included in the room price quoted to you, and you can request a discount if you plan to stay more than a few days. Renting an apartment or just a bed can be a big money-saver too. More...

Food & Drink

A tiny cup of coffee at a sidewalk table in a Paris café costs around 3€WOW!

Expensive? Not really. What you're paying for is rent on that wonderful sidewalk spot in the sun: the relaxation, the people-watching, seeing and being seen...and the coffee is superb.

If you only want the coffee itself, order it at the bar inside the café and it'll cost less, but still be superb.

Same goes for a glass of wine or beer, a sandwich or snack: order it at the bar and it'll cost less.

Or buy your snack à porter (to take away), from a Traiteur (prepared foods shop), or a kiosk on the street and it'll cost even less, because you're paying no café-table rent.

There are lots and lots of ways to save money on food and drink in Paris. Here they are.

Sights & Activities

Prices for admission to the Eiffel Tower, to Paris's great museums, for cruises on the River Seine, and other Paris pleasures are quite moderate (here's a sample).

Many unforgettable activities are free of charge: visits to Paris's historic churches, the strobe light show at the Eiffel Tower every night, public concerts and shows sponsored by the city government....

The greatest free activities of all are the pleasures that come to you from living in one of the world's most beautiful cities: strolling its charming streets, walking along the Seine, wandering into a centuries-old church, admiring Paris's great architecture, listening to a jazz combo of street musicians, relaxing in its many parks and gardens. More...


You can ride all the way across Paris on the Métro or a bus and, if you buy your ticket right, you will pay only 1.49€—an indisputable bargain. More...

You can pick up a Velib' bicycle in Paris, ride it across the city for a half hour, park it, and you will pay only pennies. Your next and subsequent trips may cost you absolutely nothing. More...

Here's more on saving money on transport.


Hotels charge high prices for laundry and dry cleaning, but Laverie Libre-Service—Paris self-service laundromats— are scattered throughout Paris. Your clothes can be washed while you sip a coffee or visit a gallery. More...

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Eiffel Tower lit at night, Paris, France
The nightly light show at the Eiffel Tower:
free to all.


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