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Want to enjoy your visit to Paris? Don't drive in the city.




With its narrow streets and difficult parking, it doesn't make much sense to use a car to get around in Paris.

Even for excursions, the best way to go is on the extensive Métro, train and bus network, or by taxi.

Rental cars are expensive, fuel is expensive, and traffic fines are positively breathtaking.

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Car Sharing

Several commercial services offer car-sharing programs such as Ubeeqo, Communauto, Zipcar, Renault Mobility and Zencarz. If you really need a car for a trip in Paris, these are the places to look for one. Or try Free2Move, an app that identifies shared cars near you.

Excursions from Paris

For excursions from Paris, some can be reached easily by suburban train or Transilien train.

Here's an idea: pick up your rental car at an airport or train station located in the direction you'll be going. That way, you won't have to find your way out of traffic-thronged central Paris.

In fact, what we do is take a train to our first destination (or at least to a convenient point outside of Paris) and rent a car there. Many cities and towns can be reached by train directly from Charles de Gaulle Airport.

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