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Looking to shop? Plenty of opportunities in Strasbourg!




There is never a shortage of places to shop in cities that attract large numbers of visitors, and Strasbourg is no exception.

And in addition to "normal" shopping, Strasbourg also bills itself as the "Capital of Christmas," and its Christmas market is a leading market of its kind. The oldest Christmas market in Europe, it has been occuring since 1570—that's a lot of gifts.

Called the Christkindelsmärik, or Market of the Infant Jesus, it was traditionally held in Place Broglie. But it's gotten so big that it now spreads throughout the whole city, with an emphasis on a dozen themed sites.

In addition to the lights, decorations, giant tree, and shops, you'll also find hot wine, local snacks, and singers. Concerts, exhibitions, and other events may also be part of the festivities, which begin the last Saturday in November and go until December 31.

But if you're not there in December, you can still shop. Everywhere you'll see stands selling stuffed storks, since storks are a symbol of Alsace. You can also get stork slippers, stork placemats, stork get the picture.

Local ceramics--casseroles, plates, mugs, and bowls, are also very popular. And of course there is always food and drink.

  Wine glass, Strasbourg

Alsatian wines, such as Riesling, Muscat, or Gewurtztraminer are readily available. You may also want to get some of the lovely Alsatian wine glasses—tall and slender with a round bowl and green stems.

To go with them, you might want some local foie gras, or munster cheese (the town of Munster is southwest of Strasbourg, not far from Colmar), or various sausages, hams, and other meats.

A four block area just behind the Maison Kammerzell, known as the Carré D'Or (Gold Square), has numerous shops. Many of them feature local food specialties, but there are other items as well. It's a feast for the eyes just to walk down these streets and enjoy the beautiful window displays. With names like Rue des Orfevres (Goldsmiths Street), how can you not find shops?

For more conventional shopping—clothing, shoes, etc.—try Aubette at the Place Kléber, which has a variety of shops, or the nearby Galeries Lafayette department store.

The areas around the cathedral and Place Gutenberg are full of shops, and you'll find a number in La Petite France as well. Each museum has its own shop, if you're interested in more specific souvenirs.

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Ceramics, Strasbourg, France

Above, Colorful ceramics in a shop in Strasbourg (with stork decor).

Below, Stuffed storks and other stork-decorated items for sale.


Stuffed storks, Strasbourg, France

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