Paris Travel Planner   Monet's Grave, Giverny, France
Claude Monet died in Giverny in 1926 and was buried in the churchyard in the village, along with other members of his family.




As you leave Monet's house, turn left down the main street, aptly named rue Claude Monet. You'll pass the Musée des Impressionismes and its Terra Café, as well as various galeries, studios, cafés, and shops. And along the route you'll see more beautiful flowers.

After ten or fifteen minutes you'll arrive at the church of Giverny, whose official name is Église Sainte-Radegonde de Giverny. Built mostly in the 15th and 16th centuries, this is the church that Monet attended and where he and his family are buried.

The Monet family grave is behind the church, a white marble structure with lots of flowers, topped by a cross. Claude Monet's stone is at the center front of the monument.

The translation of the stone is: Here lies our beloved Claude Monet, born 14 November 1840, died 5 December 1926; missed by all.

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Monet grave, Giverny, France

Above: Monet family gravesite, Giverny, France

Below: Claude Monet's grave marker, Giverny

Monet's grave, Giverny, France

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