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Taxis from Paris-Orly Airport work on flat rates. They are more expensive than fast RER trains or airport buses but, like private transfers, they make sense for traveling parties of two or three people.





The advantages of taking a taxi from Paris-Orly Airport into central Paris are obvious: you load yourself and your luggage into a taxi at the airport, sit back, relax, and let the driver take you directly to your hotel or rental apartment.


The big disadvantage is cost. Also, depending on traffic, the taxi ride might take longer than riding the OrlyVal shuttle train to the RER train to Paris, and travel time might be almost the same as the much cheaper, similarly comfortable Le-Bus Direct or OrlyBus.

Of course, the number of travelers in your party affects cost also. There may not be much difference in cost between three airport bus fares and one taxi fare for three passengers. (For single travelers, a shared airport shuttle van may be a good alternative.)

Book Your Taxi in Advance!

The safest and best way to go by taxi is to book your taxi in advance (for up to three passengers). You'll know the price, and where to meet your driver, in advance, and you'll go straight to your hotel. More...

Taxis from Orly Airport to central Paris are required to charge flat fares for the ride. Here's the full story. More...

Avoid Unauthorized Taxis!

Do not respond to anyone in the terminal who asks if you would like taxi service, even if they "look official." Instead, if you want a taxi, follow the signs to the authorized taxi stand and take one of the authorized taxis there.

Private Transfer Services

MyDriver by Sixt

Sixt, the German car rental/hire company, offers an excellent airport transfer service called MyDriver: you book your transfer online, your driver meets you at the airport arrivals area holding a sign bearing your name, helps with your luggage, and drives you in a late-model German car or van to your destination. Four classes of service, with approximate fares between Orly Airport and the Place de l'Opéra, Paris:

—Economy Class, BMW 2 series auto, up to 3 passengers and two suitcases: 55€

—Business Class, BMW 5 series auto, up to 3 passengers and two suitcases: 66€

—First Class, Mercedes-Benz S-class auto, up to 3 passengers and 3 suitcases: 90€

—Business Van, Mercedes-Benz V-class van, up to 5 passengers and 4 suitcases: 84€

These fares compare very well to taxi fares and spare you the confusion of having to find a taxi, pay the fare after your ride, calculate and pay a tip, etc. For MyDriver, you pay in advance online, and there are no additional charges for help with luggage, tip, etc. It's all taken care of.

If your flight is late, the driver will know, and plan accordingly. There is no surcharge for waiting time. If you must cancel, you may do so without penalty up to one hour before your scheduled pick-up time.

It's a great system, with luxury cars, all operated with German efficiency! Check fares here.


Whether or not to use a taxi depends to some extent how close your destination is to an RER Line B train station, Métro station, or airport bus stop: if close to a station, you might save time—and will certainly save a lot of money—by taking the train and Métro, or an airport bus.

If your destination is a long walk from an RER Line B train or Métro station, or from the Le Bus Direct or OrlyBus stops, you may have to switch to a taxi in central Paris.

Although this short in-the-city taxi ride will cost much less than the 25-km ride from the airport, you will still have to pay the minimum fare, and it's a hassle to change vehicles.

Shared Shuttle Van

You reserve your seat in advance, after you land you call a toll-free number to learn the pick-up location, and the shuttle van takes you right to your hotel—but with only one suitcase. Cheaper than a taxi (for a single traveler), and no need to change your mode of transportation, but your hotel may not be the first stop on the shuttle route—you may stop at several other airport terminals and city hotels before getting to yours—and there's that luggage limit. More...

Reserve Your Taxi in Advance

MyDriver by Sixt - Transfer

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