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The OrlyVal airport tram connects Paris-Orly Airport with the RER suburban trains, getting you from Orly airport into central Paris quickly, easily and cheaply. You can even ride the RER train all the way to Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.




OrlyVal is the automatic train that connects Paris-Orly Airport's Orly Sud and Orly Ouest terminals with the Antony station on the RER suburban train Line B, a 6-minute ride. The one-way/single fare for the OrlyVal is 9.30.

For 12.05 you can buy a ticket that pays for both the OrlyVal and RER Line B trains between Orly airport and central Paris. Thetotal trip takes about 30 minutes.

From Orly to Central Paris & CDG Airport

You may ride the OrlyVal between the two Orly terminals for free. The ticket you buy from a machine at the OrlyVal entrance pays for the trip by OrlyVal from Orly Airport to the RER train station at Antony, and by RER train from Antony to your destination in central Paris or Charles de Gaulle Airport. You must have such a ticket to enter the Antony station.

OrlyVal shuttle trains depart Orly Airport every 4 to 7 minutes. The journey to Antony station takes six minutes.

When you arrive at Antony station and exit OrlyVal, you will be on the correct platform for the RER suburban train Line B to go to central Paris and/or to Aéroport Charles-de-Gaulle.

For central Paris, board any train in the direction of Mitry-Claye or Aéroport Charles de Gaulle—all go through central Paris, with connections to the Métro at Denfert-Rochereau (17 minutes), St-Michel Notre Dame (21 minutes), Châtelet Les Halles (25 minutes), and Gare du Nord (28 minutes). The RER also stops at the Luxembourg and Port-Royal stations in central Paris.

If you want to go all the way to Aéroport Charles-de-Gaulle (about a 50-minute ride from Antony station), look at the electronic signboard on the platform and choose a train marked for the airport with a 4-letter, 2-number train code beginning with "E." More...

From Central Paris to Orly Airport

Coming from central Paris to Orly Airport, buy an RER ticket all the way to Orly Airport, and it will include the fare for the OrlyVal shuttle train.

Take an RER Line B train with a train code that begins with "K" or "P." These trains will have destinations of Massy-Palaiseau or Saint-Rémy-les-Chevreuse. Get out at the Antony station and walk to the northern end of the platform (in the direction from which you have just come on the train) to find the OrlyVal shuttle station.

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OrlyVal Airport Shuttle, Paris, France

OrlyVal Airport Shuttle Train,
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